It's very different to anything else on offer and my daughter responds so well.

There's something about having no speech that is so brilliant!

Its very much more for our babies, the focus is on them which he loved.

Parents responses to Babigloo Sessions

My 4 month old girl never is so focused and happy. Not one of the baby classes we attend make her be like that.

It is really calming and helpful with different ideas for ways of improving a babies mood and communicating with babies in general.

Babigloo has been important to our weekly routine and I miss it very much. Its helped me to feel more comfortable.

The music is very meditative and the atmosphere created is calm.

There's not so much pressure to talk to others when feeling anxious or shy.

He's absolutely LOVED every session!

We have continued with the Brrr Baa at home. This has been brilliant.

Babigloo Parent Responses

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Professionals responses to Babigloo Sessions

The babies are more engaged, there is no pressure, at other baby classes there is often too much language used and babies switch off.

Occupational Therapist Students

Many families we work with are juggling having young families with no support, sometimes as lone parents, unable to get jobs, struggling with lack of qualifications and the pressure of bringing up children the best that they can.
We support minority communities and strive to engage with isolated families.Babigloo has worked with a group of babies, mums and dads to introduce vital first links to music and language using performance and sound.
This in turn offers early intervention and support that is proven to reduce the need for escalated care in the lives of families later on as well as boosting parents and children's aspirations for life and the desire to achieve and succeed.

Quote from Wareham sessions Children's Centre Manager

I thought it was great. This sort of stuff was right up my street. I think it is valuable on so many levels. I think mainly though, it breaks down the barriers on the road to making positive relationships and attachments. I think also it would be inspiring to parents and good for home learning. I found it really interesting what he (can't remember his name) was saying about how it helps baby's brains develop to deal with complex structures. This has to be good in the long run in the areas of comm and lang, as well as creativity and problem solving. "The worlds your lobster Rodney"

Practitioner comment (Justin), Rossmore Children's Centre

All still talking about it – parents and staff. Parents asking if there will be more, will we let them know if there are more, staff who missed out want to be considered to "shadow" future sessions.

Comment from Rossmore staff

It was fascinating to see the babies intense concentration on the sounds and rhythms.

Lack of words was an advantage rather than a barrier. It showed the power of non-verbal communication. Everyone understood what was going on without explanation.

The dance movements were also watched by the babies and the way she brought their attention back to the centre by gently brushing past them was brilliant.

I loved every minute!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop :-) what was pertinent to me was the importance of letting go of outcomes and objectives and just allowing children to enjoy music the same way we do as adults. Also the way Paulo explained how babies link sounds to emotions was thought provoking.

The training on Saturday was interesting. The first section, where he was talking about the theory of music behind his ideas was very thought-provoking and gave depth behind allowing babies and children for enjoyment sake, as well as the importance of using "real" music. The concert, was again eye opening, there were parts that I would not have thought of doing myself, but when he explained his reasoning behind his actions it made sense and has given me ideas of how I can extend my practice when I comes to using music.

Thank you, for giving the opportunity to be part of the group.

It was inspiring and brilliantly bonkers. It left me wanting to learn more!!

Children's Centre practitioner comments

Brrr! Ba!

This approach is exactly what babies need to develop vital communication skills such as eye contact, listening and exploring sound. I would recommend any child, baby with delayed speech and language
to do this.

Parents seemed to be surprised at the babies' reaction and engagement, but that encouraged them to feel safe and relax into the session. By the end nearly all parents were getting into the activities.


I have never witnessed a group such as Babigloo before and had reservations before the programme started but to watch the babies so fully involved and mesmerised each week has been amazing.

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